Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My Birthday in London with Matt & Enrique from FineandDandyShop.com

March 2nd: I won't prattle on about my birthday. Suffice to say Matt & Enrique from New York's www.fineanddandyshop.com (and http://fineanddandyshop.blogspot.com) were in town for a few days and for the first time in months of this gruelling London winter...the spring sunshine came out.

It was a lovely day and here's the link to their posting:

We travelled variously along Jermyn Street (and the various ancient Arcades), St. James's Street, up Old and New Bond Streets to Oxford Street, then Regent Street via Curzon Street,

...on to Savile Row (especially Ayres, my tailor) and back to Piccadilly. I lost count of the coffees we consumed....

…and this final shot was taken by Ayres in our (final) coffee shop of the day.

...and here are a couple of more pics just sent to me by Matt Fox (again, click on them to see them expand like a butterfly into their huge glory!!).