Sunday, 10 May 2009

Bratislava Hot Serenaders: Tatransky Express

Time to cheer myself up again with another track from the splendid Bratislava Hot Serenaders. (I think I shall end up posting a new song each month, until I run out of tracks!).

I now have Four of them on my Facebook friends list: Jana Dekankova (harmony singer - she's the one in the middle) and two of their trumpeters, Juraj Bartos and Rastislav Suchan:

Left-Right: Juraj Bartos, Ľubomír Kamenský, Rastislav Suchan.

...and clarinettist/saxophonist, Pavol Hod’a:

I’ve been talking to some friends (who saw them in Bratislava recently) about how we can get them to the UK. I know they would go down a storm at Glastonbury (that’s in a June), and on Later with Jools Holland (not sure when their series start/ end); and on something like Strictly Come Dancing (their series runs from September to the end of the year). Anybody any more ideas?


WinstonC said...


Lovely to see you yesterday - looking very finely clothed. Hope you had a pleasant afternoon at the Ritz.


Grk! said...

Men in black tie. *swoon*