Monday, 17 August 2009

Niko Lindgren photo-shot: The Results!

I’ve been sitting on these photos for a few months (wanted to stagger things) - these are the results of the photo shoot I did with photography student Niko Lindgren in the studio at the University College for the Creative Arts in Rochester, Kent in April.

As usual, to see them in their full glory, just left-click on the photo and it will open-out to its full size.

(Above is an experimental shot with a piece if modern technology - the cellphone)

For the full background go to 12th April, 2009 of this blog (Eccentric of the Year: Latest Developments - First Photo session). [That's when they were taken].

I have to say when I saw the individual negatives, they were huge: 4” x 3”.

For you camera buffs out there, the main pictures (above) were taken with a Wista Field Camera with a normal (150mm) lens.

The stereo cards (below) were taken with a Yashica Twin-lens Reflex. The camera was fixed to a horizontal rod and a pic taken then moved about 5-6 cms. sideways along the rod and another photo taken, thus creating a Stereo-view...

...the idea is to print these photos out, stick them onto some cardboard together and then view them through a handy Vintage / Antique stereo-viewer. Simple as that.

Niko is back at the University in September to complete his final year. He's a bit of a Dandy himself and here’s a couple of his facebook photos.

That's it for now. Enjoy. Gotta go, just starting. xo xo

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