Sunday, 31 January 2010

London Photo Shoot -

Here are some of the results of one of the Photo Shoots I did in London last week (see my previous blog, done on 22nd January / posted up on 24th January). Click on the pics to see them open up.

Ze Cabral, the photographer, runs a website / (the Portuguese language version). Each day he posts up a fashion-based photo of wherever he travels, and he was in London briefly last week.

He’s a friend of my tailor, Ayres Goncalo, who suggested the shoot.

We met under the arches of the Ritz Hotel in Piccadilly, especially convenient as it was raining most of that day, so we were restricted as to where to get the best light.

The first lot of shots (with a telephone box in the background) must’ve been a bit dark, as I don’t have any copies of those. But this second batch (of 14 shots) were much better, light-wise and London-icon-wise (note the buses along Piccadilly).

[I’m sure that for some readers, especially abroad, the sight of a London bus will bring tears of nostalgia to their eyes, these days it only brings feelings of rage inside of us in the UK, feelings of waiting ages for a bus that doesn’t arrive, of discomfort when you sit down, of rowdiness from other passengers…. I won’t go on!].

Ze said he liked my clenched fist - not that I realised I was doing it - I guess it was because, even with my gloves on, it was so bloody cold that morning!

I like ‘em, anyway! And they’re an accurate record of how I look whenever I am in town. Thanks Ze…and Ayres.

This is the shot Ze chose for his website. (If you go to his Flickr site you can see the pic open out into HUGE detail: )


Anonymous said...

Love each one of them! Imants

Cate said...


O Alfaiate Lisboeta said...

my pleasure!=)

weggis said...

I am prepared to offer you a free photo shoot in Barkingside High Street, outside one of the closed shops, in your "Rab C. Nesbit" outfit.

Ray Frensham said...

Well, Weggis, you're on - if you turn up with the hair that you once had, as displayed in your profile photo.

The Gentleman said...

Very nice sir!

mdavids2000 said...

More then fantastic Ray

Pochinha said...

Great photos, I especially liked the ones with the buses... and it's funny, I did think 'wow, a double-decker, how nice', but it didn't occur to me that... you do use them as buses, and therefore it's still a pain to wait for them... Oh well, my bad.

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