Sunday, 8 August 2010

Stephanie Rushton photo shoot - Part 2 (of 3)

Returning to 25th August 2009 and the second part of the photo shoot with the excellent Stephanie Rushton. (Just click on the images and they will open out to their full glory).

Next we moved into the Rose Garden (see map in the previous posting) and a change of clothes.
I swapped the High Imperial collar for a standard Windsor wing, with a maroon self-tie cravat and a different stickpin, a somewhat new (for then) double breasted frock coat in Hunter Green (perhaps it’s a little difficult to tell) with matching grey/green striped trousers and a dark bottle green velvet waistcoat from years back. Oh, and the top hat is a Dark Green felt one.
As the session gradually progressed, the sky started to darken a little and Stephanie started to experiment with different filters, doing all manne4r of splendis things with the sky…
After a while it started to rain a little so we decided to make our way towards the Mansion itself….

These were done under the entrance to the Mansion itself……
….looking and feeling Totally at home (couldn‘t resist a touch of that Gene Kelly swagger)……
…and then inside sitting on one of the many window seats. You don’t know how comfortable and appropriate I felt in this environment….
As Stephanie and I chatted during the session we discovered we know the same fellow photographer. A chap called Ian Tilton….
Over twenty years ago I employed “Tilly” (then a fledgling photography student) to take some photos of one of the groups I had on a record label I was running, publicity and cover for shots for an album we were planning to release. He was in Manchester and the group were nearby, so it seemed logical; and he delivered a very impressed set of shots, the album ones hand-tinted in colour.
Fast forward about five years and the next time I see his name mentioned is on the first album by the Stone Roses, he took the studio shots… and then later on The Smiths album Rank and then his pic of Kurt Cobain Crying - a “legendary image”, I am informed - is on display at the Brooklyn Museum, New York. [I do pride myself on spotting fledgling talent and early on].

These photos here, of course, are just a mere selection of the shots that were taken by Stephanie Rushton. 
I shall post up the third and final set next week.

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lady Estelle said...

I enjoyed this photo shot immensely.