Thursday, 2 September 2010

Stephanie Rushton photo shoot - Part 3 (of 3)

Back to last August 25th and the final selection from the photo shoot I did with Stephanie Rushton at Valentines Mansion, just down the road at Gants Hill.

We left out intrepid explorers out in the gardens of the Mansion, happily snapping away, when suddenly it started to get overcast (and, latterly, with “a few spits and spots of rain“, as the BBC Weathermen are wont to say).

So we moved inside of the Mansion itself. The full history of the mansion and it’s restoration can be found by following the links in Part 1 of this trilogy of postings.

With so many rooms and wings and extensions to the building the photographs were done all over the place. The fireplace /with the birds wallpaper was on the ground floor, as was the room with the chair and the plain green painted walls. The fireplace with the flowers wallpaper was upstairs.

The curators did ask us kindly Not to touch or sit on the furniture - not because they were over-precious about things, but because all the pieces were on loan from the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, London) and naturally subject to all manner of Insurance Policy restrictions.

Still we managed to have a little bit of fun upstairs courtesy of Steph’s “post-production”, as you can see.

As we were getting towards the end of the day’s shoot, the weather started brightening up again outside - so we decided to venture out for a few last shots.

And that was it really. Stephanie and I went off for a coffee in the gardens whole the sun still shone. Later she sent me the results (it’s hard Not to be pleased with this collection of photographs).

A few months after these were done, Stephanie is well under-way with her book / exhibition / project English Eccentrics, and is even in discussion with Getty Images, who are interested in adding some of her work to their photo library (if that comes off, we all stand to get a nice little earner from this splendid day).

To repeat, you can find the whole photo-shoot on this ’secret’ link!:

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