Thursday, 18 December 2008

Do Cufflinks come in Different Sizes?

So there I was today in Marks & Spencer (in, browsing the shelves to fill up my knicker-drawer for Christmas, and I get stopped by these two young late-teenage Chav(ish) looking young girls looking rather perplexed.

“Excuse me”, they said, “can we ask you a question ?”

Oh madam, you may ask me anything, but my heart belongs to…Me [I thought]. But I acquiesced.

And then came what was (for me) the Question of the Year, they asked: “Do cufflinks come in different sizes?”.

I was a little taken aback but I managed to stumble a reply “Er…no. They’re all the same size".

It seems these two young charmers were searching for a pair for a solicitor (lawyer). [Please, gentlemen at the back, refrain from suggesting “did he see these two through their first court case?”].

Anyway, I managed to steer them away from their natural inclinations to buy Bling and helped them choose an appropriate pair: a circular silver pair with inlaid faux-mother-of-pearl. At least they didn’t regard the pair as “minging” or “gay” (the unfortunate modern vernacular, I’m afraid).

But we met again at the check-out and they seemed to be very happy with their purchase. I felt I had sent them off with a good parting shot: “A shirt isn’t a proper shirt unless it has cufflinks on it”.

So that was my good deed done for the day. Like showing an old lady across the road.

…Do cufflinks come in different sizes?…….dear oh dear!


Giuseppe said...

To be fair, there were some pretty huge cufflinks in the 1970's. (ha!)

Good job. I only hope the solicitor in question was a tasteful one who can appreciate such things.

Juf Jo said...

A good deed indeed sir!
Well done, every bit of civilisation one can share with the world is needed!
I think though that cufflinks CAN be different sizes but they shouldn't be.
It would just be silly, but possible.
For instance, some of the working class types may not have a choice, having perhaps lost one in a pub brawl.
Mix and match is the fate of those below.

Mike Tyson said...

Your writers are enormously large.

Gliter Jone said...

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