Wednesday, 4 February 2009

State of the Nation - Your Feedback

Well, I guess my sense of frustration and rage came through my words. Almost immediately I started getting feedback from you, mostly via my Facebook page, but I shall reprint them here:

H. Yates S.A (South Carolina, USA) - 4th February:
Read the blog. Excellent, excellent. One of the things I was shocked by when I lived in Edinburgh was how corroded Britain's national identity has become. Its a problem we face here. The uniting sentiment of a nation is one of the most underrated catalysts for change, yet these modern times have replaced

Richard H.D. (Sunderland, UK) - 4th February:
Fantastic, bravo. Nail. Head. You've hit it.

Atreyu (pseudonym) London - 4th February
Ray, I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you. I have been dying to write about this for a very long time, it has been bubbling in me like a festering sore. I think I have an interesting perspective – that of a person who was born and bred here, then relocated to the Middle East as a young teen, and returned to England as an adult.

This is *NOT* the London of my childhood. Britain has devolved and mutated into a Victorian farce. While you and I are slaving away at our jobs only to have 30% of our salaries taken by the gov’t to subsidise crumbling, useless monoliths like the NHS, we have hundreds of thousands of “asylum seekers” and foreign immigrants who get everything from housing to tax-reductions VIRTUALLY FREE. Not to mention the hoards of trash who dwell in gov’t subsidised council estates, and live on gov’t subsidised benefits, all on OUR expense. It is incredibly demoralising.

It is no bloody wonder that the likes of the BNP are becoming more and more popular, more power to them. I was once a proud socialist, then I returned to London at the age of 22 and discovered what it means to really live in a “socialist” country, or the defunct British version of it at any rate. I could go on for ages, Ray, but I’ll spare you and everyone else the diatribe. Fantastic blog.

Niall S-H (London) - 5th February
Ray, that is a very, very good blog! I don't really see what's controversial about it; Brown is a moron in denial and our infrastructure is teetering on the brink. The trouble is I don't have any solutions for these problems. I imagine few others do, either.

Mark Davids (Netherlands) - 5th February
Great article Ray

Sue (Pittsburgh, Pa. U.S.A) - 12th February
I just read your rant, and it is about the same in the USA.

It seems that the rich are getting richer, the middle class are getting poorer, and the poor are still poor.

At least in Britain with all the taxes you pay, the citizens get healthcare provided.

In the USA, (that arrogantly and ignorantly brags that "we have the best healthcare in the world" and have been brain washed by fear mongering stories that in England and Canada people die waiting for operations, and that socialized medicine would mean the same for USA) we must pay for it ourselves, (or hope our employer chips in a percentage of the cost, if we have a job), and pay for the unaffordable insurance with what is left of our pay after the taxes.

So where, I ask, has all the money gone? I can tell you in the USA after our government bailed out banks with our tax dollars, to help our economy- millions were given as bonuses to the top executives according the the evening news.Our idiotic government didn't give the banks any rules and therefore they were within their right and cannot be punished.

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Grk! said...

"More power" to the BNP? Please no. It's disheartening that an entirely necessary rant like yours should attract *that* sort of sympathy.