Friday, 10 April 2009

Bratislava Hot Serenaders: Cotton Club Stomp (Live)

A holiday treat: another performance from the BHS, this one featuring a spiffing trumpet solo from Juraj Bartos.

I was so thrilled the other day to discover in my facebook inbox a communique from one of the members of the BHS (Jana Dekankova, one of the singers). Her English is awfully good and puts us Brits to shame.

She said that the first song I posted up (Herr Ober, zwei Mocca - with Henry De Winter aus Berlin) dates from about 1998, and that Henry’s dog in the clip has now sadly passed on, but that he has a new dog (Bobby) as you can see in the picture below...

Apparently the BHS visit the UK shores about once every two years for the Whitby Jazz Festival and they hope to be invited back in 2010.

She said it was OK to post up their films so I shall be adding them from time to time. And, I should add that trumpeter - and, I gather, main arranger - Juraj Bartos is also now on my facebook friends list.


STOP PRESS: WANTED! The BHS are looking for a souzaphone - one with a deep-rounded vintage tone to it and, of course, in great condition [I've already passed on the details of the one in the Rochester antiques shop, above]. Everyone, keep your eyes peeled and start looking...


Anonymous said...

Seriously cool, Ray. Since I"m close to Bratislava, I may try to catch them on their home turf.

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen said...

Hi Ray, I'll mention the BHS and the Whitby JF to my sister & brother-in-law who live close by. Do we have a name for Henry's dog by the way?

Ray Frensham said...

No name for the dog, I'm afraid.

I've sent an e-mail to Henry in Berlin (he has a webpage that is - still - under construction) but am still waiting for a reply about a few weeks.

[He already has 3 CDs of his own released, but they are rather pricey, the Euro exchange rate being what it is today].

Jana Dekankova said...

Henry's dog (which is on video) called Pius. He died few years ago. He has another one who's called Bobby.