Saturday, 11 April 2009

So: Who IS Henry de Winter? - the quest continues

Ever since Jana Dekankova, the singer with the Bratislava Hot Serenaders contacted me from Slovakia, I’ve switched into “research” mode and decided to try to find out more about their occasional singer, Henry de Winter - or, to give him his Full title: Henry de Winter aus Berlin.

According to Wikipedia he was born in 1959 (24th September), lives in the Steglitz district of Berlin and has his own solo career too, releasing three albums to date:

And then by sheer accident, I happened to be trawling one of the blogs of some friends of mine who mentioned they happened to share a train journey with Henry and Bobby (his new dog) in January this year. Here is their entry:

“For the first half of the ride to Stuttgart, we were in a 6 person compartment that we had all to ourselves....then we were "graced" with the presence of Henry De Winter and his dog Bobby the rest of the way. He was truly one of the nicest guys ever! But even better he was seriously the most unique person that we have met on all of our travels. He is a 20's and 30's singer from Berlin and as he told us in his own words "he lives in the era". AKA he dresses the part everyday! Three piece tweed suit with knickers, wool overcoat, plaid flat hat and best of all a real carnation sticking out of his lapel. And when he took off his jacket, he removed the carnation and attached it to his shirt so that we was wearing it the entire time. He told us some fun stories, while Bobby slept on the floor of our compartment the entire time. It was SUCH a trip but so funny. The picture that we got is a little dark as we were trying to be incognito!!”

And here are the pictures they took.

Finally, another picture I found of him and Bobby that dates from August 2007.

He is Definitely the sort of chap we should get in contact with (but his website - - seems to be permanently ‘Under Construction’ and I’m still waiting for a reply).

In fact, SO many people have contacted me asking where and when we can see the BHS perform, it’s best I put a link to their website (the English translation):

We HAVE to do something to see this group and Henry: either we get them together in the UK for a tour or we hire a charabanc and visit Slovakia, picking up Henry in Berlin first! Let’s think about it…

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