Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Filming with Russian TV

1st April - Back for another of the monthly evening gatherings of the Eccentric Club at the Arts Club in Dover Street - just off Piccadilly (can it really be exactly one year to the day since their Eccentric of the Year awards? - see the blog: )

Sadly, the long-awaited appearance and performance by fellow member Henry de Winter (aus Berlin) had to be postponed due to illness - new readers: put his name into the search box for this blog, and enjoy - but it Will happen.

At least Evgeny Ksenzenko from the Russian tv channel NTV was there [yes, girls, that’s him on the left, click on the pic to get him in his full glory - I really must have a word with him about how to tie up a necktie properly].

We did a little bit of filming (as per usual, walking along Piccadilly and then at the Club and a short interview). And here is the result (just copy and paste):-


The text reads (sort of).....
“Here at the Eccentric Club, Ray and fellow member Lyndon York do not stick out as unusual [for the record I am with a chum Ian Valentine in that pic on the right, not Lyndon York]. The Club has a 200-year old history and among its patrons is Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh (husband to the Queen)…

“…The club meets at 6.47.pm, a suitable choice for eccentrics (6.45 or 6.50 is too normal) and its motto is: Nothing But Good. To become a member you must be recommended by a fellow member.”

[Well, that’s how it kinda translates as best as I could work it out. Oh, and the two stills are from my mobile phone, with ghastly lighting, hence the “quality”].

Рaй Френшaм (That's what my name looks like in Russian).

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