Thursday, 8 April 2010

We need Your VOTES: (…and now I am become an Art Installation…Part 2)

Regular readers of this blog may recall that in July of last year I was filmed for a future interactive video-art installation (I blogged about it in: ).

Well, the piece, called The People (by Ian Flitman), has made the final of the Canadian competition Flash In The Can.

We need your votes:
-go to...
- look down the 3rd column, 3rd box down…
- under “Audio in Flash”, there it is: The People.

You have to fill in your e-mail address but you can un-tick the box about ‘further postings’. As far as I can tell you can only vote once (per e-mail address)…

…In order to see the piece itself, go to:

click on: Play The People [there‘s also an Artistic Statement piece you can click on], it will take you to

- Click on Single.
- Run the cursor over the faces, my name will pop up in the box (eventually)
- then choose a voice-over randomly
- then choose various options for background noise or silence (plain traffic is best, I‘ve found)
- it will take a while to download so please be patient
…and see what you think
(It runs for about two or three minutes).

…oh, and the title The People is not some pretentious artistic whim, it’s the name of the poem by W.B. Yeats that we were listening to while being filmed.


frankie said...

Thought I'd introduce you to this chap.

A Real Dandy, not a poor man's imitation.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................