Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Cufflinks anyone?

OK, I admit it, it was love at first sight. From the moment my eyes came across this on e-bay recently, I have been going back to that page just to drool over it.

It’s billed as: CLASSIC SOLID OAK 30 x 4 TRAY CELL CUFFLINKS BOX - Made2Order

And the Cost? (gulp)…
[[Usual protocol: click on the pics to open out to its full version]]
£165 + £10 Courier delivery. Custom-made, they said it would take about eight weeks from order to delivery.

For what it’s worth, here is the (current) link: 

Perhaps it’s because my father was a carpenter & joiner I’ve learned to really appreciate well-made and skilled woodwork and craftsmanship. But then maybe that’s just an excuse because…there it was - and that yearning ache in the pit my stomach was clearly there and just grew over the weeks.

Eventually, today, I succumbed. and contacted the maker to make my order - And, surprise surprise, they said “just pay a £10 deposit and pay the balance nearer delivery date”.  How could I resist?

Here’s a few more details of the spec: 
Made from solid oak (Thickness of the wood will depend on what we have in stock and how much we have to plane it . But typically 15-20mm for the box, approx 10+mm for the lid and approx 8-10mm for the dividers)

Box dimensions
- Trays: 30 cells, 6 across and 5 deep (each cell is 35 x 35 and 30mm deep)
- Tray internal dimensions 260mm x 280mm x 30mm deep
- Tray external dimensions 280mm x 235mm  x 40mm deep
- Overall box internal dimensions 280 x 235 x 165mm - approx
- External dimensions 310-315mm long and 265-270mm wide and 190-195mm deep 
- Box is rounded at all outside corners and outside edges & corners.
- Trays are square edged and removable
- Matrix are square edged and fixed for ease of lifting out the trays….

The first question my friends asked me when I showed them what I was thinking of buying, was: “but do you have enough cufflinks to fill the thing?” [A total of 120 slots for you mathematicians out there]. Well, it’s fess-up time, I’ve been collecting antique cufflinks and accessories for about three decades now and somehow I think I might just have enough to fill the trays. Dammit, alright, I’ll come clean, I’ve probably got more than enough to fill the bloody box.

And I do feel that this is the kind of item that can only increase in value over the years (well that’s what I’ve convinced myself anyway).

But I don’t care. I shall just smugly sit here and wait for delivery of this little (er…big) beauty in about early April. Call it a belated Christmas present to self (or an early Birthday present -  it’s  March 2nd, in case anyone wanted to know!).


superheidi said...

I'd say such an impressive collection is in need of a decent box.

Bruce Partington-Plans said...

Ah, don't talk to me about cufflinks! My collection is still in its infancy, but imagine my chagrin when someone close to me (who shall remain nameless) once told me that I didn't need any more because I had 6 pairs and that was "enough". Ha! Needless to say I ignored them, and I'm pleased to see you have too. I really like that box, what a great piece.

Congratulations, by the way, I've awarded you a stylish blogger award http://eclecticephemera.blogspot.com/2011/01/doubly-stylish.html.

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