Monday, 31 January 2011

Henry de Winter + BHS: an update

Just a short note to inform everyone that I have just updated my main blog regarding the legendary Sir Henry de Winter:

New links (including one to FaceBook) + a couple of extra photographs.

The latest news is that Henry has just returned from Bratislava where, after a few days rehearsal with the Bratislava Hot Serenaders, did a couple of performances (the latter being filmed) and then went into the studio for a few days of recordings. That is all I know. But here, at least is a photograph from that weekend:-


Gentleman's said...

The chap in the middle reminds me a little bit of Monty from the Forsyte Saga.

Regards, Gentleman's Gazette

v. Braun. said...
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v. Braun. said...

Thank you for pointing me to his website. I always have enjoyed his performances and videos esp. 'Herr Ober zwei Mocca'. He really got that look 'down pat'!

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