Wednesday, 1 July 2009

...and now I'm featured in a Cartoon Strip too...!

My dear acquaintance and talented (award-winning, I should add) artist / comix creator / blogger etc. etc. Lawrence Gullo suddenly sent me the latest installment of his elegant strip:
[Click on the strip and it will open out to its full glory].

At the bottom he wrote: "Jack the Ripper's good looks are based on Ray Frensham...".

Look! See: he made me look younger! How splendid. (And he got my favourite walking cane just right).

I don't care what Jack's next exploits are, I'm just thrilled at being immortalised in such a fashion. Thank you, Lawrence.

The URL for this strip (and his website) is:

I hope the link works.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks ever so for the acknowledgment! This link might work a bit better, not from facebook..