Friday, 24 July 2009

Bratislava Hot Serenaders + Henry de Winter: Livin' In The Sunshine, Lovin' In The Moonlight

Another in my occasional postings from my Favourite musical discovery of 2009: the Bratislava Hot Serenaders and Henry de Winter.

I cannot say anything at present but my dear friends at the Eccentric Club have made contact with the excellent Herr de Winter in Berlin (he is now a member of this esteemed club) - and moves are afoot to bring him to the UK.

If anyone can help regarding the UK regulations for bringing dogs into the UK, please get in touch (you must have guessed by now that Bobby, his dog, travels Everywhere with the splendid Henry).

That is all I can say at present. ENJOY!

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Bernhard Roetzel said...

Finally I know who this man is. I have seen him on several occasions in Berlin with his dog and I really admired his style. Perfect hairdo and moustache.