Saturday, 4 October 2008

Hospital + 2 weeks

Nothing earth-shattering to report really: slow, if steady, progress. The worst being most of the week (having to carry a cushion around with me, hanging from the crutch, so that I can sit down anywhere - such is the now-extensive bruising to my left thigh…even the lower half of the leg and parts of the foot have started to turn purple; and the left leg, when compared to the right, remains very noticeably swollen).

By Thursday things started to calm down a little and by Friday (yesterday) I was able to ditch that blasted cushion, sit down without too much pain and actually started to walk short distances at home without the crutch.

In fact, this morning (Saturday) is the first day since the fall that I’ve actually felt any sense of energy returning. Only now can I appreciate just how much this thing has knocked me back. (Am I getting old?).

I still haven’t travelled beyond the environs of the High Street where I live but next Tuesday I have my (re-booked) Dental appointment in Whitechapel (East London). So I’m hoping I shall at least be able to get on a tube train and travel a bit.

Whether, after that, I shall be in a fit state to travel further into town (well, I deserve to pamper myself…perhaps I should buy a new hat, a brown fedora or black homburg perhaps) remains to be seen.

Onwards and upwards. “What doesn’t kill us makes stronger” (I wish I could believe that just at the moment).

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