Friday, 31 October 2008

On Blogs and Blogging…

I’ve never been a particular fan of Dylan Jones (the Editor of the UK version of GQ magazine), never quite understood what particular quality he brings to the job, but I came across this a few days ago and must admit he’s put his finger on a button. He writes:-

“The world of blogging had become another way for the metropolitan commentariat to talk to each other, in ever decreasing circles. But if truth be known, most bloggers are actually not that bothered talking to each other, as all they really want to do is get their opinions across. It might be reductive to say so, but most bloggers unemployed journalists, typing furiously into a void in the hope that someone cares enough to read what they write, screaming at the top of their voices. But while it’s certainly true that the internet can give you access anyone in the world, it’s also true that in cyberspace no one can hear you scream.”

Mmm. I don’t know about ’unemployed journalist’, I’ve been paid often enough in the past (and present) for my words; for me, what’s the point of writing something if nobody is going to read it or pay me for it?

This blog started as a spin-off from my ’Public’ profile, the blogspot I created for my screenwriting book [], to cover everything else that wasn’t directly related to the book. (Even the blog’s name came about by accident rather than ego).

Then when the accident happened, it became a convenient way of keeping my friends informed of my progress through the recovery period. It saved me having to go through the same old story over and over again.

Today, I view the blog more like the modern equivalent of the Commonplace Book: a scrapbook of thoughts and ideas, of cuttings and photos I have seen that stimulate or amuse or make one ponder. Hopefully, others might find them of interest too. (I suppose the last great practitioner of this was the late Kenneth Williams].

So there you have it.

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