Thursday, 30 October 2008

The UK-US “Special Relationship” - an Irony.

I suppose this should be read to the background accompaniment of the song Leaving On A Jet-Plane but….

When I look around at the UK now, I notice that so many of my friends are seriously contemplating buying property abroad (including myself), and many of them for the purpose of permanently relocating away from the UK. The most popular destinations being: Spain, the USA, France, Italy, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

But the closer we get to an American election next week the more I’ve chatted to my American chums to discover that a serious number of them are making plans to leave America, should McCain get voted in. And where do they intend to go?…The U.K.!

OK, so most of them are Obama supporters, but they are very mindful that, almost by default, McCain may still get elected. It’s not so much McCain that scares them (although some are convinced that, should he get in, one of the first things he will do is bring back the military Draft), it’s the prospect of Sarah Palin as V.P. - and possibly future President - that is the nightmare scenario.

[[Freudian typing there: I originally missed out the ‘l’ and typed Sarah Pain]].

And I should add, that not all of my American friends are (by a long stretch) gay.

Even from as far away as the UK, the things that woman is supposed to believe in, let alone some of the thing s she’s already said, is enough to chill anyone’s blood.

I have tried to warn my pals that England is extraordinarily expensive these days and has become a cruel, cynical and very unforgiving country; traits that have only become emphasised since the credit crunch bit home.

So let’s see what happens next week and whether Barry Obama (that was his name at School and University) gets voted in. Now, where’s my iPod Bruce Springsteen shuffle [new song: Foreclosed In The USA?] and that Real Estate brochure for buying in the States?…

P.S.: Current voting on the Moustache seems to be running 3 to 2 in favour of keeping it. (I must admit to being surprised at this).

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