Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Some Ramblings from Café Society........ (more like sweepings-up from the Café floor)…

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a bit of a cappuccino connoisseur - even my Doctor who, eighteen months ago, restricted me to no more than two (maybe three) coffees a day because of the kidney damage that appeared to be indicated in blood tests…

Anyway, this week a new coffee shop opened up in Barkingside High Street, just opposite my lounge window (and replacing the old Dodo Lounge, a somewhat appropriately named enterprise, as it turned out).

Called Delicieuse, it’s Italian (yes, I know…don’t go on). Well, Italian coffee and various French patisseries, all very reasonably priced. It’s the nearest thing I’ve found to a favourite Soho haunt of mine, Maison Bertaux in Greek Street.

It’s fantastic. So, goodbye Cheesecake Shop (your coffee and topping started getting very bitter) and hello Delicieuse. And it opens at, not that I know what seven o’clock in the morning looks like, but at least the option is there.

So Maureen (my regular coffee morning friend - one of many companions of my Café Society) and I have a new place to sup. [Note to cousins: she’s happily married, with a family and slightly older than me, OK?]. I must bring my own spoon, though: they’ve only got these little wooden stirrer thingies and I do like scooping up my froth.

In fact, being somewhat of a cappuccino expert, I’ve even devised my own version: the Campuccino.

What is it? Well, it’s just like an ordinary cappuccino but with more froth, and it’s sprinkled on top with hundreds-and-thousands instead of chocolate.

- Have to go now, In The Night Garden... is just starting and they are all new episodes. (For the uninitiated may I recommend the Facebook group "The Cult of Igglepiggle"

...yes, I am a member).


katie said...

Ooh sounds delicious!

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